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 Boys' Lacrosse for Spring Season 2021

General Information and FAQs about RVLC Boys Lacrosse

Registration will open on November 2nd, 2020.

We expect high participation again this year so it is important that you sign up as early as possible. Each age group will have a registration quota, and once the quota is reached, additional registrants will be waitlisted.

Practice and game schedules may change due to Covid-19 restrictions. Please stay tuned.


Age Groups for Spring 2020 Season

U14:  7th and 8th grade

U12:  5th and 6th grade

U10:  3rd and 4th grade

U8:   1st and 2nd grade



Player evaluations will be held for U10, U12, and U14 boys.

Our goal is to ensure each player is placed on a team that best matches their skill set and that will allow them to grow and develop with players at a similar skill level.

The evaluation committee consists of independent evaluators and RVLC coaches.

Dates and Times for Boy's Evaluations.  Evaluations are held at High School 1327 (formerly Drake  High School)

Evaluation dates and times are to be announced.

A versus B Teams

“A” teams require a full time commitment for practices and games over other spring sports.  “B” Teams provide a little more flexibility to accommodate other sports or weekend conflicts (playing time is at coaches discretion if attendance becomes an issue).                          


RVLC will use the same uniform design as last year.  New players will be assigned a number and will be able to purchase their uniform from the online store when it opens in early winter.  The online uniform store will be available to all players if they need to reorder new sizes, replacements or spares.   All members will be notified via email of when the store is open with ordering instructions.

Player Numbers

RVLC will assign new players a jersey number.  This number will be the player’s number for their RVLC career.  Please do not request a new number or order a uniform with a number other than what has been assigned by the Club.   We will advise of your players number (new and returners) in the online uniform store when it opens. 

Online Logo Store

RVLC has a team logo store for items such as shirts, hats, hoodies, equipment bags, etc..  This store will have a limited window of when it is open as all items are custom due to the logo and are shipped to screen printer at the same time AFTER the store closes.  Items are typically delivered 30-45 days after the store closes.  We will advise via email of when the store is open.  Please note that we do not carry inventory, so please order while the store is open.



Each player is required to provide his/her own equipment.  Please see here for full details. 

Click Here for the US Lacrosse Equipment Fitting Guide

This includes the following for Boys Field Players.

  • Helmet – Lacrosse Specific  / NOCSAE certified
  • Shoulder/Chest Pads
  • Elbow Pads
  • Gloves - Lacrosse Specific
  • Mouthpiece – must be visible color other than clear, red, or white
  • Protective Cup

Equipment can be purchased at Sling It Lacrosse in San Rafael.


Boys U8 (1st and 2nd grade)

  • 10 players/team
  • Practice 2 times per week
  • No evaluations 
  • Practices are 1.25 hours long
  • Games are on Saturdays/Sundays
  • All Players will play in Marin League - all games played in North Bay
  • Games are 4v4 using 4x4 goals (2 middies/1 attack/1 defense)
  • Practices and games begin in March.
  • Season ends in mid-May


Boys U10

  • 12-15 players/team
  • Practice 2 times per week
  • U10 will have evaluations for team placement
  • U10 has an A Team and will carry an additonal A Team fee of $50
  • U10B Teams will play in Marin League - all games played in Marin
  • Practices are 1.5 hours long
  • Teams could play 2 games/weekend on Sat/Sun.   
  • Games are 8v8 using 4x4 goals (3 middies/2 attack/2 defense/goalie)
  • Practices start in February - Games begin in March.
  • Season ends in mid-May


Boys U12/U14

  • 17-24 players/team
  • U12 and U14 Divisions will include an A, Bv (experienced) and Br (newer players) teams. 
  • Practices start in February and games start in March
  • U12B and U14B teams practice 2x/week.
  • U12A/14A teams practice 3x/week Season ends in mid-late May and will carry an additonal A Team fee of $100.
    Games are played on Saturdays and Sundays.  Teams typically play 2 games/weekend during the season (there are a few weekends where only 1 game takes place)
  • All players must attend at least 1 evaluation



Every RVLC coach is required to participate in the Positive Coaching Alliance Program (PCA).  We also strongly encourage all of our coaches to attend at least one of the RVLC sponsored coaching clinics prior to the start of the season.
RVLC boys and girls coaching staff consists of parent and non-parent head coaches who typically have HS, college, or professional lacrosse backgrounds.

Every parent coach in the spring season is a volunteer. 

If interested in being a boys or girls coach, please contact us!


Fall Ball

RVLC runs a Fall Ball program for U8-14 from September thru November on Sunday mornings at High School 1327 (formerly Drake High School).  Registration opens in early summer.


Ross Valley Lacrosse Club is a volunteer run organization. The success of our club depends on club-wide volunteers. There are many opportunities to volunteer: coach, scorekeeper, timekeeper, sideline manager, equipment manager, team parent, and evaluations check-in person. If a time commitment is an issue for your family, there is a $175 opt-out fee.  Otherwise, please be prepared to help the club and your team with some of the tasks needed to make this a successful season.

Waitlist Policy

Waitlisted players will be cleared from the waitlist as positions become available and based on a number of factors including the number of years with the Grizzlies and performance ranking at evaluations. The waitlist will not necessarily be cleared based on the date of registration.