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by posted 07/22/2014


I am very excited to announce that the Ross Valley Grizzlies have partnered with Liam Banks and his company LB3 Lacrosse in order to take our boys and girls programs to the next level.

LB3 will provide on-field coaching, coaches education and consulting services in order to help us achieve our goals.  Through this partnership, we will create a sustainable program consisting of drills, plays, terminology, etc. that will be consistent from age group to age group and from season to season.

LB3 will provide the following services to our Club:


Fall Ball:  LB3 will provide clinics over the course of the fall, replacing our previous fall program.

The fall boys’ clinics will feature Liam Banks, Casey Powell, Brian Silcott, Scott Ratliff and other LB3 Staff members.

The fall girls’ clinics will be led by Karen Healy, Caitlin Banks and Charlotte Dixon. 


Spring Tryouts:  LB3 will operate and lead RVLC Spring Tryouts.  RVLC coaches will be used to evaluate the players under the guidance of LB3.  The RVLC tryout sessions will use a similar format to LB3’s tryout format for their travel teams.


Spring Season:  An LB3 coach will be in Ross Valley several times over the course of the spring season to work on and off the field with RVLC players and coaches.


LB3’s Coaches Training Videos:  In addition to the above, Grizzlies coaches will have access to LB3’s Coaches Training Videos.


Additional details on fall ball, including registration, coming soon. Fall ball will be held during September through November as we have in previous years.  Tryouts for the Spring season will again take place in November and December.


If you’d like more information on Liam or his company, LB3 Lacrosse, please visit:


I am confident that our partnership with LB3 will give our club the tools needed to help our coaches and players take their game to the next level!  Combining the enthusiasm of our players and coaches with the expertise of LB3, the future is very bright for the Grizzlies' program!


Go Grizzlies!


Christopher Dean

RVLC - President

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